Açores e Atlântida

The Hindus located Atala in the seventh climate zone, i.e. 24-28°N – the same latitude as the Canary Islands.7 Blavatsky describes the Canary Islands as ‘the remnants of a gigantic but submerged continent which had once united Africa with America’.8 Former exploration geologist Christian O’Brien believed that Poseidonis was located further north, around the Azores on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.9 By contouring the seabed, he found that the Azores were separated and surrounded by a network of submarine valleys that had all the hallmarks of having once been river valleys on the surface. He concluded that Poseidonis had measured 720 km across from east to west, and 480 km from north to south, with high mountain ranges rising over 3660 metres above sea level. Only its mountain peaks now remain above the waters, forming the nine volcanic islands of the Azores.

Christian O’Brien’s reconstruction of Poseidonis


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