Gigantes do Perú – relatos de historiadores / conquistadores

“In 1550, in the city of Lima, I heard that when His Excellency Don Antonio de Mendoza, the viceroy and governor of New Spain, was here, some bones of people were found that were huge and could belong to giants. I also heard that complete deposits of giant bones were found in an ancient tomb in or near Mexico City. Since many locals claim to have seen them first hand, we can assume that these giants really exist and may belong to only one race. “

“They (the representatives of the Spanish inspectors) took us to the other side of the town, where there was a very large cave and the remains of giants lay in it. Among them were three giant bodies with deformed heads (elongated skulls) wrapped in ceremonial cloth. These giants were considered the ancestors of all these village people who worshiped them, even sacrifices were made in their honor. Then (the Spanish) burned all these bodies ”.

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