Evidências de construção no Egipto

Title: “The Land of the Pharaohs. Egypt and Sinai: illustrated by pen and pencil”
Author(s): Manning, Samuel, 1822-1881 [person] ; Lovett, Richard, m.a [person]
British Library shelfmark: “Digital Store 10096.gg.3”
Fonte Original

Title: “The Struggle of the Nations. Egypt, Syria, and Assyria … Edited by A. H. Sayce. Translated by M. L. McClure. With map … and … illustrations”
Author(s): Maspero, Gaston Camille Charles [person] ; Macclure, M. L. [person] ; Sayce, Archibald Henry [person]
British Library shelfmark: “Digital Store 9007.h.23”
Page: 324 (scanned page number – not necessarily the actual page number in the publication)

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